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IDOSPA is a online spa booking platform for every spa lover to search and book spa services at ease. We play the role of pivotal connection in between the spas and customers to provide a better experience to the customers and a higher business acceleration to the spa merchants by offering the customers a user-friendly booking platform to make their spa appointment at their fingertip anytime, anywhere.

With IDOSPA, you can discover each spa at your neighbourhood (or any location that you’re located at) with one click, book an appointment with ease and make a payment without hassle; while spa merchants can now showcase each of their services to the customers, notify the customers of their latest deals, and attract the new customers while retaining the existing one, resulting a rapid growth of their business.

Q How did the idea to start IDOSPA come to be?

One day a friend of Ben Chua, Group CEO of IDOSPA was seeking assistance in management when he noticed a loophole in the spa and wellness industry.  It was still a custom for people to use pen and paper to create bookings, which was very much traditional and outdated.  From here, Ben realized the opportunity to expose this industry to the digital platform. Together with his team, they worked endlessly to ultimately make IDOSPA a reality.

Q How many locations is IDOSPA currently operating in?

Our headquarters is in Malaysia, and we are currently opening up in Thailand and Indonesia. In addition, we have an IT Hub located in Bangalore, India.

Q Could you share some of the spa/therapists that are working with you on IDOSPA? If not, could you give a rough estimate number of spas that you are in the talks with to join your platform?

We boast a growing profile of nearly 1000 service providers in Malaysia alone, each with its own unique quality and different kind of massage ranging from Swedish to the more traditional Thai.  Every method existing – the massage style, the poses, the oils used - carries
with it a unique set of traditional elements from its country of origin, and we intend to expose our users to these sui generis aspects.

Q Are there any extra incentives set for users who actively use IDOSPA?

The idowallet has been set up as an incentive for frequent users.  It’s similar to a loyalty program here every USD spent is equivalent to 10 points.  Users can use this to redeem any service they choose.  It’s our simple way of saying thank you. We are also constantly improving the user experience when using IDOSPA so that the users will experience utmost convenience when booking their favorite spa services whenever, wherever.

Q What are some of the strategies you've set in convincing spas/therapists who may be more traditional and not so digitally savvy into coming on-board your IDOSPA platform?

We have employed business development consultants who will educate the merchants on the advantages of leveling their business up to the digital world, set KPIs for them to hit as well as allow them to see the beauty of the online booking system. We also provide statistical data to convince the spas/therapists about the capabilities of the industry as well as having an
online virtual shop profile.

Q Aside from the live-chat and schedule system, are there any future features you're looking to implement into your app?

We are currently implementing the SMART system.  The SMART system is unique to merchants who partner with us as they are able to manage their business more efficiently while they are away.  In addition, the idowallet, which will soon be implemented as well,
serves as a reward system for our users.

Q What are your hopes and goals set for IDOSPA for the upcoming year?

As a team, we aspire to spearhead the spa industry in the entire Southeast Asia region.  This is our goal and we’re working towards this in the next two years. We hope to link up each and every spa and massage center by then, giving easier and more convenient access to local
consumers and tourists alike.

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  • Contact Name:Ben Chua
  • Contact Position:Group CEO
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  • Product Launch Month/Year:02/2018
  • Country Operating in:Thailand
  • Company Registered Month/Year:10/2017
  • Co-Founder Nationality:All Foreigners
  • Stage:Prototype
  • Funding Status:Raised Seed
  • Number of Employee:51-100
  • Founded Month/Year:10/2017