Connextt is an online platform that brands and user-experience-content creators can find each other and work together.
-Brand can order on-demand product photo or get pre-taken user experience photos sent to them to purchase if they like it, while we take care all processing work.
-Now anyone can become content creator by taking beautiful photos featuring brand’s product experience and earn money from it.

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  • Price Range $5 - $200

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Additional Details

  • Does your company has revenue?:Yes
  • First Revenue Month/Year:January 2018
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  • Product Launch Month/Year:December 2017
  • Country Operating in:Cambodia
  • Company Registered Month/Year:N/A
  • Co-Founder Nationality:All Foreigners
  • Stage:Prototype
  • Funding Status:Bootstrapping
  • Number of Employee:1-10
  • Founded Month/Year:December 2017